Buy Dry Ice Polystyrene containers

polystyrene dry ice storage containers

Dry Ice Africa stocks an extended range of polystyrene containers. A large variety of containers are available, ranging from small 4 litre to large 80 litre containers. Stock is always available and the general public is welcome to visit the production facility in order to choose the ideal container.

X-mast Box:

xmast box for sale

Ice Cream Box 1.5 Litre:

1.5 litre ice cream box for sale

Pharma Box 5 Litre:

5 litre pharma box for sale

Medical Small 8 Litre:

8 litre medical small for sale

Berry Box Low:

berry box low for sale

Berry Box High:

Berry Box High for sale

6 Pack Box:

6-Pack Box Container for sale

Pharma Box 11 Litre:

11 litre Pharma Box for sale

Desert Box:

Desert Box for sale

Medical Large 10 Litre:

10 Litre Medical Large for sale

Dunlop 22 Litre:

22 litre dunlop ice container for sale

Lobster Box:

Lobsterr Box for sale

DryIceTainer 25 Litre:

25 Litre Dll Box for sale

Fishtainer 30 Litre:

30 litre fishtainer for sale

Fish Box Shallow:

Fish Box Shallow for sale

Pharma 25 Litre:

25 Litre Pharma for sale

RTT Box 40 Litre:

40 litre RTT Box for sale

Snoek Box:

Tuna ice box:

Tuna box dry ice container for sale
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