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Dry Ice Africa offers an extended range of polystyrene containers for sale.

A large variety of containers are available, ranging from small 4 litre to large 80 litre containers. Stock is always available and the general public is welcome to visit the production facility in order to choose the ideal container. You might also be interested in our range of cooler boxes for sale.

X-mast Box:

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Ice Cream Box 1.5 Litre:

1.5 litre ice cream box for sale

Pharma Box 5 Litre:

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Medical Small 8 Litre:

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Berry Box Low:

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6 Pack Box:

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Desert Box:

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Medical Large 10 Litre:

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Dunlop 22 Litre:

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Lobster Box:

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DryIceTainer 25 Litre:

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Fish Box Shallow:

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Pharma 25 Litre:

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RTT Box 40 Litre:

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Snoek Box:

Tuna ice box:

Tuna box dry ice container for sale

Polystyrene dry ice containers


For more than 60 years, the polystyrene cooler box has been a trusted friend for freezing a wide variety of items, including beverages served at the beachfront, fishing bait, and even industrial shipments.


Edward Simon, a German pharmacist, made the unintentional discovery of polystyrene in 1839, but it would be nearly a century before the IG Farben Company would begin to commercialise the usage of this substance. It resulted in the production of a polymer that was brittle, colourless, and capable of being cast into moulds featuring extremely fine detail.


It was the Dow Chemical Company that first brought polystyrene products to the market, and their foam variety is the one most of us think of when we hear the name. It was discovered by accident when Ray McIntire, a Dow employee, was trying to create a flexible insulator by pressing together several materials. In the end, he developed foam polystyrene, a material that expanded by a factor of 40 while being far lighter than standard polystyrene.


Insulation is provided by foam as the standard method. There are two main reasons why foam is an excellent insulator. To begin, it is crammed full of gas bubbles; gases are known to transfer heat less efficiently than either liquids or solids, and the fact that the gas is encased in small bubbles prevents it from effectively transferring heat via convection. Second, the polymer molecules that make up the walls of the bubbles are only loosely connected to one another, which slows down the pace at which heat can move from one molecule to the next.

polystyrene containers for sale

Variety and durability


Dry Ice Africa has an extensive inventory of polystyrene storage containers. There is a wide selection of containers available, ranging from those with a capacity of four litres to those with a capacity of 80 litres. Our variety will meet many outdoor challenges and give you peace of mind when keeping essentials cool during your next fishing, hunting or camping trip.


There is never a shortage of stock, and customers from all walks of life are encouraged to come to the production site in order to select the most suitable container for their needs.


Because of their exceptional thermal and protective capabilities, polystyrene cooler boxes are an excellent and understated solution for the packing of fresh vegetables, meat, and fish, in addition to temperature-sensitive medications. Manufacturers are able to achieve stringent industry regulatory requirements, quality standards, and safety precautions with the assistance of these cooler boxes, which maintain temperature security and deploy protective barriers.


When you need to carry items that are temperature-sensitive, polystyrene coolers are the best alternative for you to go with. The fact that they are so lightweight means that your shipping expenses won’t go up, and the fact that their design is so straightforward means that they are relatively cheap to buy.


In addition to having a low weight, it also has remarkable insulating capabilities and is extremely long-lasting. This is a fantastic benefit that guards food against the damaging effects of the environment while also preserving its quality and keeping it at the appropriate temperature.


The insulating qualities of polystyrene cooler boxes not only guarantee optimal temperature conditions, but also aid in halting the progression of bacterial decay and protecting against outside contamination. The products are maintained in settings that are both hygienic and thermally optimal.


Even while a simple polystyrene container is able to keep items cold for extended periods of time, it does not cause objects that are already heated to become cold. Even if the material is an effective thermal insulator, heat can still be transferred through it, albeit at a much slower rate. Dry ice is an excellent addition to the cooler to store your food and beverages since it helps to reduce the amount of heat that enters the cooler and also cools down products that may have been at room temperature.


A polystyrene cooler can keep water ice frozen for 12 to 24 hours, depending on the size of the cooler. Depending on the temperature, dry ice in a styrofoam cooler will survive anywhere from 18 to 24 hours


Polystyrene has the ability to absorb shock, which helps to keep goods from becoming damaged during transport. We have polystyrene boxes in a variety of shapes and sizes in store, making it much simpler for you to pack a variety of things in accordance with your requirements.


Coolers made of polystyrene can be used and reused multiple times due to the fact that they are relatively solid and simple to clean.


The fact that they are composed of 95 percent air and have a propensity to collect food and other stains makes it necessary to exercise some caution while disposing of them, despite the fact that they are theoretically recyclable. It is recommended that polystyrene containers be thrown away in a landfill or given to a recycling company that specialises in handling such waste.

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