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Dry Ice Pellets

Dry Ice Pellets - Used for dry ice blasting, for the preservation of perishable goods and also as a cooling agent.

Available in Gauteng and Western Cape

Dry Ice Blocks

Used by ice cream vendors and for the preservation of frozen food products in transport for extended periods of time.

Available in Gauteng and Western Cape

Polystyrene Ice Box

Supplier of polystyrene dry ice containers, cooler boxes, Cry-o-Bin ice containers and service a large customer base.

Available in Gauteng

Cooler Box

Heavy duty Cooler Boxes for maximum insulation - double walls and Polyurethane foam, made from UV Stabilised 100%.

Available in Gauteng

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Dry Ice for sale at Dry Ice Africa

Whether you are looking for dry ice for sale, or if you are just looking for a list of dry ice prices, you will find all of the information you need when you work with Dry Ice Africa.
As industry leaders, we have a reputation for providing our extensive client network with a range of high-quality, and highly affordable, dry ice products. We supply dry ice of all kinds, for all uses. Our dry ice is the best on the market and with our various support services, you can be sure that you will enjoy all of the benefits that come with buying the best quality dry ice.

Our Top Dry Ice Products

To ensure that we are able to meet all of the unique needs of our clients, we have created an extensive product range, covering every possible requirement.
Dry Ice Pellets
Dry ice pellets have two uses. They are used for dry ice blasting, a highly effective cleaning technique that is used in heavy industries to remove tough stains and marks that are not all that easy to get rid of. Along with being an effective cleaning tool when used with the right machinery, dry ice pellets can also be used for cooling perishable items, either when they are being moved, or when they are being stored.
Dry Ice Blocks
To keep frozen food frozen, or to make sure that products being transported over long distances stay fresh, using dry ice blocks is one of the best options at your disposal. Dry ice blocks stay ice cold for long periods of time and they come in all shapes and sizes.
Polystyrene Ice Boxes
Perfect for market vendors and those transporting smaller products, the polystyrene ice box is designed to keep the cold trapped in and to preserve whatever it is that you store.
Cooler Boxes
Heavy duty cooler boxes, made from UV stabilised materials, are ideal for transporting and storing bigger items that need to remain cold.

Dry ice can also be used in emergency situations, should your refrigeration suddenly fail you.

Dry ice can be used in a variety of industries and it can also be used in the home. When you use dry ice, you will never have to worry about your valuable perishable items spoiling and if you are using your dry ice for cleaning, you won’t find a more suitable choice of cleaning product. The use of dry ice is also not only wonderfully affordable but it is completely eco-friendly and will not leave a mess. At Dry Ice Africa, we are the leading manufacturer and supplier of dry ice products in South Africa. We deliver our products throughout the Gauteng are and we also allow our clients to collect their products directly from us. Our various dry ice products are available in different quantities and different sizes, giving you more options. We sell our products directly to the public and you can easily place your order via our website, or you can either email us or phone us.
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