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Dry ice blocks

Dry ice blocks 2.5 kg

Dry ice blocks are mainly used by campers, vendors or transport companies to preserve food supplies for an extended period of time, especially to keep products cold or frozen during an emergency. This product is packed in a 10 kg box and has the best longevity in the range.
• Block dimensions: 140 mm x 140 mm x 90 mm
• Block weight: 2.5 kg

What you need to know about Dry Ice Blocks

The dry ice industry is one of those sectors that services a wide range of clients and needs. Using dry ice is a safe and unique way to keep items cool, whether they are being transported over a long distance or need to be kept cold when in a place where there is no power source. And dry ice blocks are a great option when you are in need of a cooling product. You might also be interested in dry ice pellets, as well as our range of cooler boxes and polystyrene containers for sale.

Dry ice is a wonderful item that is made in a variety of shapes and sizes, one of which is blocks. Dry ice blocks are suitable for packaging and they are also easily stored in unused refrigerators or other such containers. These blocks can be manufactured in small, medium and large sizes, and they can also be custom made to suit your unique needs.

What is dry ice?

Unlike conventional ice which is made from water, dry ice is a carbon dioxide based product. As a cooling agent, dry ice can stay ice cold for hours on end, as long as the ice is not left in a place where it can be at the mercy of the elements. Once the product comes into contact with warm air, it will begin to start breaking down and when it does, it turns back into a gas and basically evaporates, without leaving any mess.

While it’s most popular use is to keep all sorts of things cold, dry ice is in some cases also used for cleaning purposes. When used for cleaning, dry ice will generally take the form of small pellets, which can be shot out of a machine at an immense speed, to effectively clear surfaces littered with a stubborn mess.

Why use dry ice?

There are many instances where using dry ice is your absolute best option, regardless of the reason you are using it. Dry ice is 100% safe to use in all sorts of environments, because it is not made from any chemicals that could possibly be harmful to either the environment or the product it comes in contact with. Dry ice is also not messy to work with, so when it does start to break down, and when it comes into contact with whatever it is that it is cooling, it won’t destroy anything.

The product is quite affordable as well, when you consider just how powerful it is when it comes to cooling or cleaning. No matter the amount of dry ice you need, you should be able work it into your budget. When buying dry ice blocks, depending on the size, you should expect to pay out a little more than if you were buying pellets.

Lastly, dry ice also has a rather decent lifespan. You are not likely to be using the same dry ice block over and over again, for short term use, such as when moving products from one place to the next, or when keeping products cold during a power outage or at a market. You will find that dry ice is a more than suitable cooling product for your needs.

Buy Dry Ice Blocks

Dry ice blocks are ideal for all sorts of reasons, given their volume, and the fact that these blocks are available in various shapes and sizes, and can be placed conveniently in an appropriate container, means you will have enough space for whatever it is that you are storing. Dry ice blocks are easy to buy online and can be transported to where you need it.

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