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Dry ice pellets Ø = 16 mm

These pellets have an average length of 50 mm and is suitable for the transport of various fragile cargo items, e.g. vaccines, blood and medical samples.  It is ideal to pack smaller samples of products because of its size, as it can be manipulated to fit all kinds of consignments and may also be used as a cooling agent for recreational activities, e.g. camping and fishing.  Other applications are also possible by creating smoky special effects for parties, catering events and movie shoots.

Dry ice pellets Ø = 3 mm

These pellets are mainly used for dry ice blasting.  Dry ice blasting is an industrial cleaning method which is environmentally-friendly and non-abrasive.  The pellets are accelerated in a pressured air stream directed at the surface which is to be cleaned.  Once it impacts the surface, it sublimates into a gas, leaving only the contaminant behind.

The Wonderful and Wacky Uses of Dry Ice Pellets

The dry ice industry supports so many business and individual needs that if you are looking for a unique and completely safe and mess free way to keep things, especially smaller things, cool, then dry ice pellets might just be exactly what you are looking for. Dry ice blocks might also interest you. We also offer a range of polystyrene containers and dry ice Western Cape.

Dry ice comes in many shapes and forms, and dry ice pellets are simply dry ice products in the neat shape of small, medium or large pellets. These pellets have a use in many different industries and are primarily used to keep things cold. Dry ice pellets can fit into containers of all kinds, since they are available in different sizes, and as such there are many different ways in which they can be used.

What is dry ice?

Dry ice is the solid form of carbon dioxide and it is freezing cold. Used primarily to keep things cool, dry ice as a cooling agent is more than capable of staying cold for hours on end, provided it is not left exposed to the elements.

When dry ice is in contact with the air, it can begin to melt. Although this process is slow, it won’t make a mess. Unlike ice made from a liquid such as water, dry ice is made from carbon, which means when it begins to break down, it turns into a gas which then simply disappears.

Dry ice is not only used as a cooling agent. It is also used for cleaning. As a cleaning agent, dry ice is blasted out of a machine at high speeds and the result is a super clean surface without the worry of having to clean up a mess.

Why use dry ice?

There are many reasons why you should use dry ice, whether for cooling or for cleaning. For starters, dry ice is completely safe to use. There are no harmful chemicals involved in the making of dry ice. So whether you are handling it or if you are worried about the after effects of its use, you will never have to worry about the safety of the dry ice or what might happen if it were to touch whatever it is you are cooling or cleaning.

Dry ice is also a relatively affordable product to buy. Whether you need lots of it, or if you are simply looking for a small amount to keep products cold, you will be able to factor it into your budget. The different forms of dry ice can also make a difference in your budget as you will find that bulkier dry ice products can be pricier than pellets.

Finally, dry ice has quite a decent lifespan. While you are unlikely to want to use the same batch over a really long period of time, over the short term, such as the time it can take to transport your products from A to B, your dry ice is most certainly going to last long enough for it to be useful.

Dry Ice Pellets

The two main uses of dry ice pellets is cooling and dry ice blasting, the cleaning technique that is used in hard working environments such as harbours and factories, where grease and oil spills are common. Dry ice pellets when used for cleaning, can literally peel off the grime without causing damage to the surface.

As for cooling, dry ice pellets can be packed into suitable containers along with whatever needs to be kept cold, and it will prevent products from spoiling.

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