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People in Cape Town have easy access to dry ice, which is one of the most useful things on the market. Having a backup plan for keeping perishables cool is essential in today’s economy, which relies on the transport of such goods, particularly in light of the constant outages plaguing the nation’s power grid. Consumers and companies in the Mother City make up a significant portion of Dry Ice International’s customer base, which has allowed us to become one of the continent’s largest suppliers of food grade dry ice and polystyrene containers.

With our dry ice delivery service, you can have the dry ice you need, wherever you are in the country, whenever you need it. Despite the fact that other dry ice goods may rapidly disappoint you by not providing you with a long enough lifespan, we can assure you that our dry ice products last far longer than the majority of those on the market. We not only provide the widest selection of dry ice goods on the market, but also produce them in bulk and arrange for their distribution throughout Africa. These are just some of the reasons why we’re the preferred supplier of dry ice in Cape Town.

We also offer a range of polystyrene containers and cooler boxes for sale.

Since our company’s founding in 1994, Dry Ice International have produced and supplied food grade dry ice and polystyrene containers. We have amassed a significant clientele who prefer our goods to others they have used in the past. We have earned a reputation as being amongst the finest in the industry.

There are many applications for our dry ice, and our diverse goods have many possible uses, provided you know how to work with it.

Dry Ice to Keep Items Cold

Most people who are familiar with dry ice know it for its ability to preserve food. Because of its extreme coldness, dry ice may be used to effectively chill spaces such as a refrigerator without electricity during a blackout, a cooler bag, or other appropriate container. This not only makes dry ice a great commodity to have on hand at a retail establishment or even a private residence, but it also makes it a viable option for long-distance transit when refrigeration is required.

With so many people passing through Cape Town’s port carrying perishable goods including fruit, vegetables, dairy products, and meat, dry ice is a welcome convenience. This ice may be loaded into trucks and vans to keep perishable goods cold and secure during transit.

Dry ice is Used for Cleaning

Keeping the harbour, industries, and warehouses of Cape Town clean is a top priority for the city’s residents and visitors alike. It’s true that in these high-traffic areas, the filth and sludge aren’t your typical fare, yet conventional cleaning procedures don’t always cut it.

Oil, thick grease, and other substances that have been spilled and not promptly cleaned up may be a nightmare to remove and sometimes need a special technique. Many people like using abrasive cleaning methods, such as sandblasting, to remove dirt and grime from surfaces, however this method often leaves behind a great deal of debris that must be removed in a second cleaning.

Dry ice blasting is the ultimate choice since it eliminates this risk while still providing all the benefits of a very efficient cleaning approach, restoring whatever you’re cleaning to its original, pristine condition.

Dry ice blasting is the ultimate choice since it eliminates this risk while still providing all the benefits of a very efficient cleaning approach, restoring whatever you’re cleaning to its original, pristine condition.

Dry ice blasting is done in the same way as sand blasting is done, except instead of sand, dry ice pellets are used. When you’re done cleaning, the dry ice will transform back into a gas and evaporate, leaving behind a flawless surface.

Dry ice: a magical addition to any event

ice pellets south africa

Since Cape Town is both a commercial and a cultural hub, the city is always buzzing with activity. It’s a shame that dry ice isn’t more widely utilised since it can make any event seem very exceptional.

Dry ice is used for a variety of purposes at events, the most popular of which is obviously to keep beverages and food cool. However, dry ice can also be used to create fog at a venue, and it may even be used to impart that enigmatic fog to a drink.

You may get in touch with us or place an order via our online store to get any of the many dry ice goods that we have at our Cape Town store. Our dry ice items are a must-have for consumers of all means.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Dry ice is generally considered to be harmless for both people and animals, provided that no bare skin comes into contact with the ice, and that the dry ice is not kept out in the open in a poorly ventilated space where the carbon dioxide it releases cannot dissipate. Dry ice should never be used for human consumption.

While the shelf life of our dry ice is far greater than that of the competition. You should anticipate dry ice to last 3- 5 days if it is used in an enclosed cooler box, and 3–5 hours in the open.


Carbon dioxide is solidified to create dry ice. Even if dry ice begins to sublimate, it will always revert to a gas and eventually vanish. Because the pellets will not leave a trace, it is ideal for blasting.

Commercial and residential consumers alike may put dry ice to good use for a great many reasons, from chilling and preserving goods to cleaning. Dry ice is used in almost every industry, from hunting and fishing to farming and manufacturing to the entertainment sector.

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